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Professional. Efficient. Fast.


We provide CA compliant packaging for flowers, concentrates, pre-rolls or any of our client's needs.

We adapt to all flower types

As cannabis is a plant and comes in many strains, shapes and sizes; NorCal Trimmers is ever evolving in terms of techniques and procedures to adapt to each flower strain we are working with every time.

Project Managers

NorCal Trimmers have onsite Project Managers to create procedures and to train staff on the most current and efficient trimming techniques.

Quote on site

We provide a timetable and quote on site upon analysis of the product.

Pay per project

We negotiate pricing and payment per project.

NDA provided

NorCal Trimmers provides a non-disclosure agreement assuming all liability for any security issues during our time sensitive projects.


We are dedicated to Efficiency and Professionalism

NorCal Trimmers is a San Francisco based company that specializes in efficient and high quality cannabis trimming services. Our Staff have been honing and perfecting their craft with the highest quality product from some of the best growers in California for a plethora of years.

We are an established company providing services to major clients including Humboldt Legends, Old Pal, Highrize Pre-rolls, Prism and Fire King Hash. We also serve smaller compliant growers and boutique dispensaries. We take pride in being the fastest, cleanest and most trustworthy trimming & cannabis logistics company in California.

No job is too big & no farm is too small! We are the fastest, safest & most reliable team there is!

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